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Mortgage Calculators

Calculate the monthly mortgage payment of the homes you are interested in to narrow your search of homes for sale to only those homes you can afford. You may also want to research available mortgages by visiting our mortgages page.

Below are some mortgage calculator resources for you to use to help you calculate mortgage payments and mortgage loan qualifying.

Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator will calculate the monthly mortgage payment based on the required mortgage loan amount, current mortgage rates, and loan terms. You may research mortgages for more information regarding qualifying for a home loan.

Following are instructions to calculate a mortgage for buying a home:

  1. Subtract your estimated down payment from the price of the home you wish to buy and enter the value in "Loan Amount" (Remember that if the down payment is less than 20% of the sale price you will have the added expense of Mortgage Insurance which is not figured into this calculation.)
  2. Estimate Annual Property Tax and Homeowners Insurance and enter these values.
  3. Each time you change a value hit "Calculate Now" to see what the effect is. 
Put Inputs Here



Loan Amount:

Annual Tax:

Annual Insurance:


Monthly Principle + Interest

Monthly Tax

Monthly Insurance

Total Payment

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Finally, here are some links to some of the most popular mortgage calculators on the internet.

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